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How to use the online help : the online help has 3 levels. Those levels are : access to the topics regarding a given page, access to the topics based on keywords, and an access to the articles through a search
Access to the help topics for the current page: Whe you are on a web page accessed via the portal, you may invoke a contextual help by clicking on the button. In this mode (see icon ), all the articles are related to the page you invoked the help from. For each article, there is, in the last column (right) a icon. By clicking on it you can search all articles related to the selected article keywords.
Access to the help topics by keywords : it is the second help level. It can be invoked by example from the help page followed by a click on the file icon () in the last column. A search is performed based on keywords comprised in the current article. Once in the HelpIndex mode represented by the icon, you can even choose to go deeper by searching on a single keyword by simply clicking on the choosen keyword located at the top of the page (Selected Keyword(s)).
The third help level : is a search based on a given expression. Characterized by the icon, it can be invoked from any help mode by selecting the [Search in help] option, located at the bottom of the page. It is possible to search only on keywords, or to perform an exhaustive search in all the help topics. In this mode also, it is possible to go deeper in search, just like in the second mode (helpindex).
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