1.0 beta 14.04.03 Pre-version for testing purpose only  
1.1 15.04.03 Official Launching of the Portal  
1.20 16.04.03 Some bugs addressed in SQL queries  
1.22 18.04.03 Debugging : dates formats US vs EUR  
1.24 21.04.03 Added advanced Applications Management & Monitoring Tools  
22.04.03 Cacheing problems occured in about 1% of the cases. This was solved by reinforcing the no-cache directives in both asp source code & html pragma directives  
23.04.03 FP : hours display problem (tuples of 24hrs) - adressed + minor adjustments in the help/SetPW regarding the secret key creation process.  
1.25 24.04.03 App. Smooth Shutdown Management Tool added + Uptime Indicator (last start - located in the footer)  
26.04.03 Added Exec time in footer. Improving of the error management  
26.09.03 Merging of all db of the portal in just one  
29.09.03 Setting the same connection for all db queries. Preparing to migrate towards MS-SQL SERVER  
02.11.03 Adding new CSS style lib (Pastel). New design of SysIcons  
11.11.03 New feature : possibiliy to store the Id & Pw in a cryptic way in the cookie to avoid retyping them on each visit of the portal. Only to be used on private computers...  
03.12.03 Bug fixed in FPMenu - bad interpretation of the event dates  
2.0 27.08.04 Switching of the Portal to Ms-Sql 2000 format  
24.09.04 Problem encountered in FP (size) while converting some special characters in their entities : fixed  
17.11.04 Slow downs due to a bad connection string : changed driver - fixed  
19.03.05 Starting of the Annual Balances application together with a gateway between IRE and IPCF extranets stress test : passed (with mention)  
22.10.05 Launching of the CS application for stagiairs  
28.10.05 Adding generic client to CS to for seminars  
27.01.10 Automatic insertion of ":" for specified time in Cstage  
28.01.10 Add filtering in events in FP Application  
29.01.10 Updated NaceBel codes in Cstage  
29.12.12 Migration of the portal on its own secured website on the new IPCF server  
23.01.13 eForms application is now online  
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